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Please be precise with the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle.  Be sure to include the best email address or phone number to reach you.  We understand that waiting for a quote can be an inconvenience–our representatives are quick to respond so be ready to get an offer shortly after submitting your “Get an Offer” form.  Title requirements vary in each state.  Feel free to contact us for any information regarding the necessary documentation to legally sell your vehicle.  Note:  We do not accept vehicles that are abandoned on your property unless you have proper documentation that legally allows you to remove it.

Tip:  Shopping around for the best offer can be exhausting and confusing!  Always have a pen and paper on hand when calling around for quotes.  Don’t forget to write down the company name and their offer for your junk vehicle or newer model vehicle.  Scrap metal prices fluctuate often–write the date you were quoted as well!

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